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Negotiations: De-escalation and Changing the Mindset


Thursday – August 20, 2020

8:00 am to 5:00 pm



Ocoee Event Center

150 North Lakeshore Drive

Ocoee, FL 34761

This multi-faceted course is designed to provide participants with enhanced skills for negotiations on the street, in their organizations and in their personal lives. The course will serve as a unique law enforcement leadership opportunity that will offer options and alternatives for building trust within communities served and lowering resistance to force incidents. In providing alternate methods of negotiations, this course hopes to reduce extensive public and media scrutiny, which is plaguing today’s law enforcement community. Additionally, the course is structured to improve the participant’s personal performance as it relates to career advancement, assessment and promotional testing, as well as present tips for conflict resolution within an agency.


Topics and skills learned

Learn how to de-escalate and claim better outcomes in the streets, your organization and your personal life. Identify your negotiation style via self-assessment testing, and be trained to recognize and understand your opponent’s style through role playing. Comprehend how emotions and sunk costs play into your decisions.



Presenter:  Lieutenant Colonel Robert Drago (Retired)

Robert Drago is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and has served in Law Enforcement for 38 years. He began his law enforcement career in the City of Pompano Beach in 1979. He is a past president of FOP Lodge 23, a former union representative and an accomplished labor negotiator. His past assignment encompasses the administration and negotiation of labor agreements, as well as over one billion dollars in both Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue Municipal Service Agreements for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Colonel Drago holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University, and attended the SPI Command Development Course. He is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Program on Negotiation, having attended both the Leadership and Negotiator’s Trainer’s programs.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-drago-7477584/

  • Community Calming – Trust is a must

  • Involving community stakeholders

  • Partnerships and building relationships

  • Zones of possible agreement - How to anchor

  • Best alternatives to a negotiated agreement

  • Difference between alternatives and options

  • Your break point and when to walk away

  • Common negotiator mistakes

Presentation will utilize

  • Lecture

  • Video presentations

  • Role playing

  • Group exercises

  • Negotiation simulations

  • Self-assessment exercise


Who Should Attend?

  • Law Enforcement Executives

  • Community Service Aides

  • Sworn/Non-sworn Supervisors and Command

  • Community Service Specialists

  • Sworn Patrol and Investigative Officers

  • Labor Negotiators/Representatives


Comments from past attendees

“Excellent class! Gives students something to think about.”

“Offers new perception into “how to negotiate” in all aspects of life.”

“Excellent presentation, loved the interaction with the class.”

“Great examples, tons of information, wish it was longer.”

“Good course that can be used during one-on-one interactions.”

 COST: $249 per student

Early registration: Register before August 1st, 2020 and receive a $50 discount per student.


Complimentary Registration: You may register one community member (may not work for the agency) for each paid student registration at no cost. Community members that are not pre-registered will not be allowed to attend.

This is a community orientated presentation and we welcome your community members to participate. We strongly encourage you to invite local politicians, HOA presidents, business owners or community activists to accompany you. 

Questions or additional information:

Contact person – Robert Drago

Email:  robertdrago56@yahoo.com

Phone: (561) 200-6316