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Eye to Eye Consultants, Inc.
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Robert Drago
(Lieutenant Colonel - Retired)
Professional Training Consulting and Litigation Support on Police Practices

I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Broward Sheriff’s Office. My law enforcement career spanned 38 years with the City of Pompano Beach and the Broward Sheriff’s Office, before retiring in 2017. My career in law enforcement provides me with a thorough knowledge of a cross section of law enforcement functions. I have held command positions, as well as performed the function and duties in patrol, investigations, training and policy formation. In addition, I have chaired or participated in committees that formulate law enforcement policy to include high liability policies, such as use of force, de-escalation and police vehicle pursuits. I also possess extensive training experience to include course development, which has been previewed and recognized by the Miami Herald.

I am a past president of FOP Lodge 23, a union representative and chairperson for labor negotiations. I am recognized for my negotiation skills based on the positive outcomes during negotiations. My past assignments encompass the administration and negotiation of labor agreements, as well as over one billion dollars in both Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue Municipal Service Agreements for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Presently I am providing training to local police departments in an eight-hour course titled “Negotiations: De-escalation and Changing the Mind Set”.

I am a career law enforcement professional, who advanced through the ranks of two major law enforcement agencies having finished either first or second in all competitive promotional processes. In addition to my recognition for integrity and leadership in the formal promotion process, I have been recognized by the rank and file and elected to serve as a Past President of the Fraternal Order of Police.


As a member of the executive Command Staff, I have chaired or participated in an extensive number of review and policy formation boards. A cross section of these boards would include discipline review boards, as well as high liability areas, such as use of force, police pursuits, patrol functions, policy formation, training review and implementation. In addition, I have chaired or been a member of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) committees for both management and labor. The understanding of CBA’s and their relation to the functioning of a law Enforcement agency are critical to the understanding and evaluation of any agencies practices and culture.

As a Chairperson and member of the Discipline Review Board, I reviewed a wide range of police misconduct allegations and issued discipline recommendations in accordance with standing agency policies. In addition, I have been the lead investigator and finder of fact in a plethora of misconduct allegations in all areas of law enforcement to include use of force, police pursuits, traffic stops, sexual battery and perjury. I have been the commanding officer on fatal police shootings and have testified in court on a high-profile fatal police shooting. In response to my experience with police misconduct and labor union’s responses to such allegations, I developed and instituted a real-time evaluation system to document police behavior as it occurs. The system became known as the Command and Supervisor Personnel Evaluation Report (CASPER) and was initiated in thirteen (13) city districts in the Broward Sheriff’s Office.


As a first line police supervisor, I managed or directed a training unit, patrol shifts, street enforcement teams, community policing units and the career criminal unit. I provided firsthand experience based on thousands of arrests, spanning from violent crimes to include homicide, robbery, domestic violence, stalking, and aggravated fleeing, to non-violent crimes, such as narcotics and vice offenses.


In my role as a Patrol Officer and Detective, I was involved in thousands of hands-on physical arrest, both on the city streets and waterways. This includes both uniform and plainclothes arrests encompassing violent subjects of sexual battery, robbery, narcotics and vice. In addition, as a Patrol Officer, I have direct experience in crowd control management at events that exceeded thousands of attendees. I have performed countless vehicle and water vessel traffic stops and issued citations.


During my career, I attained a significant amount of experience in police officer involved shootings, as both a police officer in the field with first hand involvement and as a line supervisor. I have provided and counseled officers after a shooting, as part of critical debriefing. In addition, to criminal suspects, I have experience with addressing and dis-arming mentally disturbed and suicidal suspects, who were threatening deadly force.


As a Florida Certified Police Instructor, I have trained hundreds of police officers in use of force, tactics and force techniques, stalking, narcotics investigation, patrol procedures, workplace violence, human diversity and community policing.

One example of a use of force training program I developed was a “Women Only” self-defense course. This course not only received high accolades from the public but was recognized in the media as bell weather for police community relations due to the positive effects it had on the community.


Over 38 years of frontline law enforcement experience has provided me with expertise in the following:

Police Practices and Training           

Use of Force                                    
Vehicle Pursuits

Police Organization and Management

Less than Lethal Weapons                        

Officer Involved Shootings


  • Executive command experience encompassing over 1,300 sworn officers in both urban and

    suburban environments; total of 38 years Florida law enforcement experience

  • Executive-level experience in the areas of problem-oriented policing, patrol supervision, budget development, use of force, police pursuits, internal affairs and administration of community-based programs

  • Thorough knowledge of and hands on experience in a cross-section of functions in the command of patrol, investigations, and training/personnel administration, police use of force to include fatal force and police pursuits

  • Patrol/Plainclothes Officer both on the street and waterway with involvement in thousands of physical arrests requiring various levels of use of force

  • Accomplished labor negotiator chairing multiple civilian and sworn labor negotiations with positive results. Graduate of the Harvard Leadership and Trainer programs on negotiations

  • Contract Services Administrator responsible for the formation of a highly innovative Municipal Service Team and the administration and negotiation of 16 Municipal and County Services Agreements with the Broward Sheriff’s Office

  • Proactive/team-building approach to problem-solving, developing and maintaining harmonious departmental relations

  • Respected management assessor in the tri-county area at the executive command, lieutenant, and sergeant levels




May 2017 - Present

Following a highly successful career as a law enforcement professional, I am now using my expertise to provide professional consultation/insight on police practices for attorneys, government agencies and the media. I provide police practices consulting and expert witness testimony for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in the following areas: use of force, vehicular pursuit, domestic violence, officer involved shootings, racially biased policing, investigative detentions, training, supervision, internal affairs, discipline, security, police hiring procedures and police policies



August 1999 – February 2017

Lieutenant Colonel (Executive Commander) responsible for the operation of County Airport, Sea Port and Courthouse. Designed the security plan and staffing for the Broward County judicial complex. Responsible for the administration and negotiations of Law Enforcement and Fire Service Agreements with 13 municipalities, Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale Airport and County Courthouse. Lead member of the Negotiation Team for Collective Bargaining negotiations with Law Enforcement, Fire and Civilian unions (7 total unions)

Major Accomplishments

  • Re-negotiated building lease for municipal district office saving the agency and the municipality approximately $380,000 dollars over a five-year period

  • Reinstituted the Vacancy Credit Program saving the Sheriff’s Office approximately $600,000 over the year

  • Re-negotiated municipal Law Enforcement Agreement saving the Sheriff’s Office approximately 2 million dollars in pension cost

  • Designed the security plan and staffing for the new 20 story Judicial Complex


North Broward County Regional Major - Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Lauderdale by-the-Sea, Parkland, Tamarac, Oakland Park and North Lauderdale
(Broward Sheriff’s Office Contract Cities)
Population: 79,000; 106,000; 6,300; 28,000; 69,000; 44,000; 43,000 respectively (375,000 total)

Sworn Deputies: 126; 201; 24; 41; 82; 88; 56 respectively (618 total)


 Major Accomplishments

  • Developed innovative computerized employee evaluation system known as Command and Supervisory Personnel Evaluation Report (CASPER). A real-time employee documentation system

  • Created the Municipal Services Team (MST Team) to enhance the response and customer service experience to the Contract Cities served by the Broward Sheriff’s Office


Operations Commander – Oakland Park, West Park and North Lauderdale (Broward Sheriff’s Office Contract Cities)
Population: 28,000; 13,000; 43,000 respectively; (84,000 total)
Sworn Deputies: 87; 57; 56 respectively; (200 total)


Major Accomplishments

  • Diffused potentially violent labor disturbance between local corporation, 300 employees and union organizers

  • Created local Command Incident System for the City of Oakland Park to address critical incidents (i.e. terrorism, flooding etc.)

  • Created and served on the community Marine Advisory Committee


District Commander – City of Pompano Beach, Area One (Broward Sheriff’s Office Contract City)
Population: 64,000 total
Sworn Deputies: 119 total

Major Accomplishments

  • Experienced a 14% crime reduction in District, significantly eclipsing the agency crime reduction rate of 2%

  • Developed and initiated area-wide Homeless Program which was commended by community, as well as various homeless associations

  • Reinstated Trespass Program resulting in overall lower crime rate


Assistant Chief, City of Dania Beach (Broward Sheriff’s Office Contract City) Population: 18,500 total
Sworn Deputies: 58 total

Major Accomplishments

  • Computerization of department with purchase of equipment and software selection for standardization

  • Development of Nuisance Abatement Program with installation of policies and procedures

  • Adopted Drug-Free Zone Program.

  • Instituted Area Management & Motivation Operation (AMMO) to combat drugs

    and stimulate community involvement

  • Experienced 20% crime rate reduction


1979 – August 1999 (Merger with the Broward Sheriff’s Office)


District Commander, City of Pompano Beach, District One

(City merged with Broward Sheriff’s Office 8/99)

Population: 40,000 total

Sworn Deputies: 80 total

Major Accomplishments

  • Reorganized department with creation of District Plan to improve service and enhance accountability

  • Developed Comstat Crime Tracking Process based on “results-oriented” objectives.

  • Instituted a Use of Force self-defense program for women, which gained media attention and highly positive community response.

  • Experienced a 12% crime rate reduction in District One
    Robert Drago CV 5 September 2017


Shift CommanderNight Shift / Tactical Unit


Major Accomplishment

• Developed Zero Tolerance Area Enforcement Program


Unit Supervisor – Training and Personnel

Major Accomplishments

  • Instituted/streamlined hiring, recruiting, and background policies and procedures which greatly reduced number of vacancies and increased department’s diversity

  • Designed successful presentation of the first live fire simulation course, gaining media recognition for its cutting-edge innovation

  • Development and implementation of a statewide, well-respected stalking investigative training program, with a problem-oriented policing focus.

  • The introduction of the most advanced technology to the training department which included computerized presentations

  • Early introduction of community policing programs with the presentation of the “BOLO” police television program and development of Citizen’s Police Academy



SupervisorRoad Patrol / Detective Bureau Major Accomplishment

• Initiated the Career Criminal Unit Officer – Patrol Division


Major Accomplishment

  • Confiscated thousands of pounds of Marijuana as a Marine Patrol Officer and member of the federal strike force known as Blue Lightening

  • Selected in the first group of Patrol Officers to initiate, design and participate in a formal Field Training Officer (FTO) program for the City of Pompano Beach




Florida Atlantic University, Bachelor of Applied Arts (August 1983)

Major: Criminal Justice/Business

Broward Community College, Associate in Science (July 1979)

Major: Criminal Justice




Command Officers Development Course (400 hours), Graduated 1993

Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville, Kentucky

Florida Police Officer Certification, Graduated 1980

Broward County Institute of Criminal Justice


Harvard Law School Negotiation and Leadership Program (October 2013)

Harvard Law School, Cambridge Massachusetts


Police Use of Force in Today’s World
Law Enforcement De-escalation Tactics and Officer Safety Homeland Security Executive Education Seminar
Law Enforcement Detecting Concealed Emotion
FBI – Leeda 30th Executive Leadership Program
Social Media Research and Investigation
Harvard Law School Negotiation and Leadership Program Harvard Law School The Art of Saying No
Harvard Law School Negotiation Train the Trainer Management, Oversight and Monitoring of Use of Force Violence Knows No Boundaries Conference
Use of Force for Command Staff
Executive Integrity and Ethics Leadership
Florida Atlantic University Negotiation Skills
Principle-Based Leadership for Florida Field Training Officers Integrity/Ethics Leadership
Certified State Instructor Certification
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Integrity Leadership Seminar
Ethical Consideration in Community Policing
Introduction to Community Policing
R.A.D. Basic Physical Defense
FDLE Officer Discipline
Colt Carbine Basic

Robert Drago CV 7 September 2017

Background Investigation for Police Applicants
Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification
Florida SWAT Close Quarter Battle w/ Simunitions
RIPP Sudden Custody Death Syndrome Instructor’s Certification Course Assessment of Violence Potential

IPMBA Police Cyclist Program
Firearms Instructor Certification
Human Diversity Trainer Program
Southern Police Institute Command Officers Development Program Managing the Police Function Program

Handgun Retention/Intensive Handgun Skills
Use of Force, Tactical Handcuffing and Takedowns
Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator Police Course
Simplified Tactics Handgun Retention
Advanced Line Supervision Program
PBSO Police Management Program
Narcotics Identification and Investigation Program
Financial Investigative Techniques
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Marine Law Enforcement Program Field Training Officer Certification
Law Enforcement Basic Standard Academy





Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification
RIPP Sudden Custody Death Syndrome Instructor’s Certification Course Firearms Instructor Certification
Field Training Officer Certification
Certified State Instructor Certification

Conducted training of Law Enforcement personnel and civilians in the following areas:


Negotiations/De-escalation Stalking Investigations Domestic Violence Workplace Violence Human Diversity

Use of Force
Police and Civilian Self-Defense
Pepper Spray
Commander of the Field Training Officer Program


International Association of Chiefs of Police (Member)
Florida Police Chiefs Association (Member)
Fraternal Order of Police (Past Lodge President)
Broward County Police Benevolent Association (PBA) (Past Board Member) Broward County Police Chiefs Association (Past Member)

Pompano Beach Police and Fire Pension Board (Certified Trustee)


Robert Drago CV  September 2017

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