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We offer police expert witnesses and police consultants in the area of law enforcement and police operations, specializing in best police practices and policies. Our services are available to plaintiffs, defendants and attorneys involved in both criminal and civil litigation.


Our goal is to provide careful analysis, research and critical thinking in an effort to clarify matters concerning law enforcement, including use of force and deadly force, de-escalation, high-speed vehicle pursuits, violations of standards of conduct, inadequate training, etc.

We do this by conducting a comprehensive review of available documentation and providing our findings to our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of the circumstances. 

Our staff and affiliates are a select group of police professionals, who possess decades of hands-on police experience, as well as extensive training in small and large police departments. They have testified extensively in both depositions and trials, and are fully equipped to assist clients in reaching a factual and educated decision.

We provide a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute consultation to assist in reviewing, analyzing and providing solutions to your specific case and fact patterns.


We provide multi-faceted training designed to provide participants with enhanced skills for negotiations in both their personal and professional lives. Eye to Eye's negotiation  course serves as a unique leadership opportunity that will offer options and alternatives for building trust, while improving outcomes in your professional career. 


Additionally, the course is structured to improve the participant’s personal performance, as it relates to career advancement, assessment and promotional opportunities, as well as present tips for conflict resolution.


Topics and skills learned:

  • The Relationships U Start Today (TRUST)

  • Involving stakeholders

  • Partnerships and building relationships

  • Zones of possible agreement - How to anchor

  • Best alternatives to a negotiated agreement

  • Difference between alternatives and options

  • Your break point and when to walk away

  • Bias decision making and       remedies

  • Common negotiator mistakes

Presentations will utilize:

  • Lecture

  • Video presentations

  • Role playing

  • Group exercises

  • Negotiation simulations

  • Self-assessment exercise


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