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I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Broward Sheriff’s Office. My law enforcement career spanned 38 years with the City of Pompano Beach and the Broward Sheriff’s Office, before retiring in 2017. My career in law enforcement provides me with a thorough knowledge of a cross section of law enforcement functions. I have held command positions, as well as performed the function and duties in patrol, investigations, training and policy formation. In addition, I have chaired or participated in committees that formulate law enforcement policy to include high liability policies, such as use of force, de-escalation and police vehicle pursuits. I also possess extensive training experience to include course development, which has been previewed and recognized by the Miami Herald.


I am a past president of FOP Lodge 23, a union representative and chairperson for labor negotiations. I am recognized for my negotiation skills based on the positive outcomes during negotiations. My past assignments encompass the administration and negotiation of labor agreements, as well as over one billion dollars in both Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue Municipal Service Agreements for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Presently I am providing training to local police departments in an eight-hour course titled “Negotiations: De-escalation and Changing the Mind Set”.


I am a career law enforcement professional, who advanced through the ranks of two major law enforcement agencies having finished either first or second in all competitive promotional processes. In addition to my recognition for integrity and leadership in the formal promotion process, I have been recognized by the rank and file and elected to serve as a Past President of the Fraternal Order of Police.


As a member of the executive Command Staff, I have chaired or participated in an extensive number of review and policy formation boards. A cross section of these boards would include discipline review boards, as well as high liability areas, such as use of force, police pursuits, patrol functions, policy formation, training review and implementation. In addition, I have chaired or been a member of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) committees for both management and labor. The understanding of CBA’s and their relation to the functioning of a law Enforcement agency are critical to the understanding and evaluation of any agencies practices and culture.

As a Chairperson and member of the Discipline Review Board, I reviewed a wide range of police misconduct allegations and issued discipline recommendations in accordance with standing agency policies. In addition, I have been the lead investigator and finder of fact in a plethora of misconduct allegations in all areas of law enforcement to include use of force, police pursuits, traffic stops, sexual battery and perjury. I have been the commanding officer on fatal police shootings and have testified in court on a high profile fatal police shooting. In response to my experience with police misconduct and labor union’s responses to such allegations, I developed and instituted a real-time evaluation system to document police behavior as it occurs. The system became known as the Command and Supervisor Personnel Evaluation Report (CASPER) and was initiated in thirteen (13) city districts in the Broward Sheriff’s Office.


As a first line police supervisor, I managed or directed a training unit, patrol shifts, street enforcement teams, community policing units and the career criminal unit. I provided firsthand experience based on thousands of arrests, spanning from violent crimes to include homicide, robbery, domestic violence, stalking, and aggravated fleeing, to non-violent crimes, such as narcotics and vice offenses.


In my role as a Patrol Officer and Detective, I was involved in thousands of hands-on physical arrest, both on the city streets and waterways. This includes both uniform and plainclothes arrests encompassing violent subjects of sexual battery, robbery, narcotics and vice. In addition, as a Patrol Officer, I have direct experience in crowd control management at events that exceeded thousands of attendees. I have performed countless vehicle and water vessel traffic stops and issued citations.


During my career, I attained a significant amount of experience in police officer involved shootings, as both a police officer in the field with first hand involvement and as a line supervisor. I have provided and counseled officers after a shooting, as part of critical debriefing. In addition, to criminal suspects, I have experience with addressing and dis-arming mentally disturbed and suicidal suspects, who were threatening deadly force.  


As a Florida Certified Police Instructor, I have trained hundreds of police officers in use of force tactics and  techniques, stalking, narcotics investigation, patrol procedures, workplace violence, human diversity and community policing.


One example of a use of force training program I developed was a “Women Only” self-defense course.  This course not only received high accolades from the public, but was recognized in the media as bell weather for police community relations due to the positive effects it had on the community.


Over 38 years of frontline law enforcement experience has provided me with expertise in the following:


Police Practices and Training                            Police Organization and Management

Use of Force                                                   Less than Lethal Weapons                                                Vehicle Pursuits                                              Officer Involved Shootings

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